Whether your an individual, a business owner or Company “IT’S TIME” to come together and take a stand to expose the NAB for what it really is.

The NAB has to pay back to the people the monies they have stolen. The Royal Commission found the NAB to have operated with criminal intent.

The NAB were told to pay back the money to the many victims, but now the NAB is telling these victims to take them to court. The 30 Legacy Cases that had their life savings destroyed by the NAB and that have been put through a series of insults such as the "KENNETT SAGA" are once again being ignored.


The victims will not waste any further money in the court system, and nor should they while the NAB plays it's games of "Deceive, Deny and Delay"

Victims are proposing a convoy of 7 trucks to travel throughout Australia. The convoy will travel to small rural towns, regional areas and through to the major cities to expose how corrupt the NAB has operated for the past 15 years and is still stealing from shareholders and customers today.

At this stage in the planning the convoy will leave in early June from the Gold Coast and travel to Cairns as the first leg of the tour.

The vehicle numbers proposed are one lead truck IVECO Euro Cargo Pantech accompanied by 6 ISUZU N series Pantechs with one of these fitted with a 85 inch large screen to show case how victims have been taken down. These 6 vehicles will also tow the caravans necessary along the route for accommodation. 5 support vehicles being Great Wall Steed Dual Cab Utes will support the tour. All these vehicles will be sign written with appropriate information on how the NAB corruptly operates.

We will have advanced arrival points and will post advertisement in the local newspapers prior to our arrival and also the local media to get maximum attention.

One vehicle will set up outside the NAB branch and hand out victims stories and information on how the NAB has ruined so many lives. A meeting place for a BBQ with locals will follow.

Victims and their supporters traveling with the convoy will have all relevant information on how NAB customers can exit and refinance to achieve a much better and safer deal with one of eight other small banking institutions.

Daily video's and media of the tours interactions will be uploaded directly to the dedicated website along with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We would like to keep the vehicle numbers to this limit at this stage.

The NAB JUSTICE TEAM will number some 28 people of which many of these positions have already been taken up.


This is the only way to create the attention we need for legacy cases to be addressed and settled by the NAB.

If we all work together, this tour can be achieved, and it will have a very positive outcome for existing and future victims.

“How can you help” 

 Contact the Tour Team Operations Manager: Russ Cousins below to discuss what you can add to the tour.

We will listen very carefully to your ideas, and what you can bring to the table.

“We will get paid back the money the NAB has stolen from us”

“The NAB will receive the publicity it deserves from this tour”

“We will be heard and the NAB will be made to come to terms with what it has done and settle with the victims".

“IF YOU ARE A LEGACY CASE” and would like to join this convoy there is an opportunity available, please contact us”

We will email further information to you if you are up for this fight.

We will be updating this site as we move toward June.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is a story of one of our legacy victims who is determined to fight to the end. Paul Buckman is dedicated in bringing the NAB to account.

PDF Fraud by the National Australia Bank and Theft of Customer Funds


John Rose on tour through the streets of Melbourne on his mission to recover his money from NAB